My First Video

This is to prove I wasn't telling unicorn porkies about those videos my author has been busy making... it's the very first "vlog" (a human word not in my unicorn dictionary) on my new YouTube channel 'ReclusiveMuse', and we hope to bring you a few more soon.

This one is short and sweet. The clip was taken in Katherine's office (spare room) using the video setting on a digital camera. She's sitting down, and the red thing behind her right shoulder is an old curtain she bought at a car boot sale. It's covering up the edge of a radiator, because there isn't a big enough bit of blank wall in her office to avoid things like that. The curtain has a design of little elephants (which are distantly related to unicorns), and usually it doubles as a throw over the chair she's sitting on.

The pictures of the characters used in the video are by the talented Scott Altmann, who also did the cover art for the Pendragon books. His blog is HERE

Hope you enjoy!

There, that's THREE posts this August... do I escape the whip?


Alzrith said…
Forgive me Katherine, but I couldn't catch up with everything you said because of your accent, so I had to watch it over again for 10 times. I still couldn't get anything! But anyway, it's a short film for promoting Sword of Light, right?

The expression on your face tempts me a lot to buy your book! You look like a fairy godmother in some angle...
Oh, if only I were able, I would have willingly given in to that temptation!

So all I can do now is to pray for you all the luck with your book!