Friday, 1 January 2010

In the beginning there was a unicorn...

Starting a blog is like starting a story. So this isn’t a beginning, not really. The characters already exist and have probably done so for some time. They will have done some interesting things you may get to hear about as the story continues, plus a lot of uninteresting things you don’t really need to know about so you probably won’t. This is only a beginning for you, the reader, where you meet the characters for the first time. So I'll get on with it and introduce us.

First, there’s my author. That’s Katherine Roberts, the one in the small picture galloping down a beach on a black horse called Lomand. She’s shy and hates people taking photographs of her, but I’ll do my best to sneak a few into this blog for you while she’s not looking.

Then there’s me, Reclusive Muse. I’m the one who does all the hard work while my author just writes the book words. There used to be three of us, and then there were nine. All romantic young women, I believe. You can look them up here if you’re interested but don’t go thinking I’m one of them. I’ll let you into a secret. There’s a lot more than nine of us now. There has to be when you think about it, doesn’t there? After all, there are considerably more than nine authors in the world. You might be one, or maybe you’re planning to be one or even now training to be one. You can probably share a muse with other authors, and some do manage to write this way. But look at it from my point of view. It’s hard enough being the muse of one author, especially an ambitious one like KR, who thinks I ought to be at her beck and call twenty-four seven. Anyway, I'm male and my author thinks I’m a unicorn. Well, she would! Unicorns and other mythical creatures turn up in her books all the time... but more about them later. For now, you can think of me as a unicorn, too. It’ll make things easier, and it’s an excuse for a nice picture. My appearance changes, of course, depending on my mood.

Anybody else in this story? Yes, of course, but I’ll introduce them later. As I keep telling my author, you can’t squash everything in at the beginning, or the reader will get confused and the rest of the story won’t be very interesting. Besides, my author might miss me if I’m gone too long. She doesn’t know I’m here… and don’t you dare tell her, or I’ll be in trouble. She thinks I’ve just trotted back into the enchanted mists to dig up some more ideas for her new book. As if I would dirty my beautiful horn on such things! I’m a MUSE, not a gold-digger. If you’re very good, leave lots of nice comments on this blog, and buy my author’s books, I might even give you a few tips until your own muse turns up. Do we understand each other? Good! Then hop on my back, hold on tight, and let’s get started...


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