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Library loans 2015

The PLR (Public Lending Right) statements are just in, and for the second year running Book 1 of my Pendragon Legacy quartet Sword of Light sweeps the board for loans in both the UK and Ireland. If all my books loaned as well as Sword of Light,  I would be a happy author! Sword of Light obviously benefited from being included in the Summer Reading Challenge when it was first published, and my theory is that there are more copies of this book in libraries all over the country than there are of my other books. Good news for the author, since each time someone borrows one of my books from a participating UK library (i.e. not the new volunteer libraries), I am paid 7.67 pence by the government as a sort of compensation for that reader not buying a copy of the book and earning me its royalty via my publisher. The rate in Ireland is just over 4 cents, and there is a cap for mega-popular authors, so we're not talking riches here - but every penny counts and the PLR payment usually a

All New Free Preview!

Amazon's KDP January newsletter has just arrived with an interesting new feature... instant previews of your book, just one click away! So I thought I'd try it out on the ebook edition of "I am the Great Horse". What do you think? If you want to do the same for your book, or for someone else's book you are reviewing, then you can find the embed code on the book's product page at amazon (over with the 'share' buttons on the right). There is a link version as well. Trotting off now to read the rest of the newsletter...

My friend Sue and her comic fantasy

I am over at Authors Electric today, remembering a good friend who sadly never got any of her books into the shops, but wrote fabulously entertaining stories all the same. You might have read some of Sue's work in Mike Ashley's Mammoth Book of Seriously Comic Fantasy . Look for Sue's story QUEST in this book And if you enjoy comic fantasy, the good news is Mike Ashley edited a whole series of these books, collecting stories by well-known writers such as Harry Harrison, Neil Gaiman and Tom Holt alongside work by lesser-known writers such as my friend. ( Confession: I once sent him a story too about a unicorn and a knight... well, I thought it was funny... )