Legend of Genghis Khan

Bone Music
(Greystones Press 2018)

Based on a 13th century Mongolian text known as The Secret History of the Mongols, this novel for older readers blends history with romance and fantasy to tell the epic tale of how Genghis Khan united the warring tribes of the steppes under a single banner.

The story is told in three parts by the young Temujin, his bride Borta, and his blood brother Jamukha.

2020 UPDATE: Since the closure of Greystones Press earlier this year, Bone Music now has limited availability in paperback only. The story has returned to its indie roots, and is currently available for Kindle and in paperback as three linked novellas under the series title The Legend of Genghis Khan.

Find all the books here:

Book 1: Prince of Wolves (Temujin's story)

Book 2: Bride of Wolves (Borta's story)

Book 3: Blood of Wolves (Jamukha's story)

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