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The Theory of Everything - where art meets science

How do you make a life-affirming film about a brilliant mind trapped in a body that does not work the way it should? You make it into a romance with a brave young heroine, add a few mind-blowing theories about black holes, and invite God to the party - then give everything a good spin, preferably reversing time as you go. I enjoyed this biopic the same way I enjoyed the film Titanic - knowing what lies ahead for the characters just makes the early part of the story more poignant. Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with motor neurone disease while he was a 21 year old student at Cambridge, and given two years to live. Now 73, he has defied medical science and continues to amaze the world with his theories of the universe. The film begins as a fairytale romance between Stephen, the slightly nerdy Science student, and his sweetheart Jane, a church-going Arts student who becomes his wife. It does not shy away from the tragedy of Stephen's condition, and I found myself looking away fr

Long Live Libraries!

No. 1 title in UK libraries It's that time of the year again, when PLR (Public Lending Right) payments are made for loans of books from UK libraries. These payments refer to loans made between June 2013 and June 2014, and the unicorn always finds it interesting to see how the loan figures compare to sales of those books over the same period. I did a blog post here on my best-selling and top-earning (not always this same thing!) ebook titles. Here are the unicorn's Top Ten loaned titles: 1. Sword of Light (Pendragon Legacy) - 3293 loans 2. Crown of Dreams (Pendragon Legacy) - 1013 3. Lance of Truth (Pendragon Legacy) - 558 4. Grail of Stars (Pendragon Legacy) - 525 5. The Cleopatra Curse (Seven Fabulous Wonders) - 488 6. Song Quest (Echorium Sequence) - 429 7. The Mausoleum Murder (Seven Fabulous Wonders) - 309 8. The Great Pyramid Robbery (Seven Fabulous Wonders) - 306 9. The Amazon Temple Quest (Seven Fabulous Wonders) - 294 10. The Olympic Conspiracy (Sev