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THE GREAT HORSE RELOADED: Where do you get your ideas from?

Since this is the Year of the Horse, and books no longer disappear when they go out of print, I have decided to re-run my popular series about writing my Alexander the Great novel "I am the Great Horse", which is currently galloping across the world in digital form. It's interesting to note that some of my comments below about 'what to write next' are now out-of-date, since authors are no longer quite so dependent upon publishing contracts. But if you are after an advance and traditional publication they still apply. So, without more ado...   Where do you get your ideas from? This is a question every author gets asked eventually. But it’s never an easy one to answer. We don’t just sit down one day in front of a blank page or computer screen, pluck an idea out of the air and start writing… at least it never works like that for me! I don’t lack ideas for stories. They come to me all the time, at the rate of three or four a day if my mind is not too

Happy New Year of the Horse!

It's the Chinese New Year of the Horse, so I'm over at the History Girls this week with a few horse books to get you in the mood. Happy New Year of the Wood Horse Please feel free to add your recommendations to the comments, since we are trying to build a History Girls list of interesting horse stories with a historical or Chinese/Mongolian slant - preferably both! Here's one to get you started, which I really enjoyed. I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade by Diane Lee Wilson