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Welcome to my worlds!

Epic Fantasy There is magic in most of my books, and it all started with Song Quest winning the UK's inaugural Branford Boase Award in 2000. Two sequels  Crystal Mask and Dark Quetzal  complete the trilogy. Age 10+   Echorium Sequence Younger readers can battle the evil Mordred with King Arthur's daughter and her friends in the Pendragon Legacy quartet. Age 8+ Pendragon Legacy If you prefer your fantasy with a dose of reality, join Natalie and Merlin as they fight to save the parallel world of Earthaven, where unicorns roam and spells grow on giant trees. Age 10+ Earthaven series History and Legends Alexander the Great led his army from Macedonia to India riding his famous black stallion Bucephalus. Find out what his horse thought of it all in this epic novel straight from the horse's mouth. Age 10+ (with parental guidance) Great Horses If you enjoyed I am the Great Horse , you can experience the thrills of chariot racing in Ancient Rome with the mad Emperor Caligula's