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Seven Ancient Wonders in colour

When my Seven Fabulous Wonders series was still in print, I used to carry around some laminated A3-size pictures of the ancient Wonders to show children when I visited schools. Six of them were paintings I found in books and enlarged, but I could not find a picture of the pyramids at Giza as they would have appeared at the time they were being built, so I had to paint that one myself. Great Pyramid at Giza (about 2500BC) After these books were retired by their publisher, this picture went into a box with the rest of them, where it stayed until I created the ebook editions and realised I needed some e-covers. I dragged it out and tried to create a cover from it, but gave up when I realised: (a) it was the wrong shape. (b) it was too big for my scanner, which was refusing to talk to my new computer, anyway. (c) I'd have to paint the other six ancient wonders to make the covers look as if they belonged to vaguely the same series. A daunting task, when I wanted to get all the

Over at the History Girls today...

Today I'm over at the History Girls blog, revealing all about my public library loans from the beginning of my publishing career to the present day. (That's 14 years, in case you're wondering... not long enough to get famous, but too long to be called a sparkling debut any more... a perilous time in any author's life!) Click here to read more