Seven Fabulous Wonders

The Seven Fabulous Wonders series grew out of my interest in the myths and legends of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia. Lurking within the pages of these books, you will find fabulous creatures, ancient gods, and powerful curses that the people of those times used to believe in as strongly as we believe in technology today. Each book is a complete story based on one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, with a different cast of characters, so they can be read in any order.

The Great Pyramid Robbery

The Babylon Game

The Amazon Temple Quest

The Mausoleum Murder

The Olympic Conspiracy

The Colossus Crisis

The Cleopatra Curse
There are several posts on this blog about this series, mostly to do with creating covers for the ebooks (which went through several designs before we arrived at the covers you see today).

Seven fabulous ebook covers - my first attempt (be kind!)
Seven ancient wonders in colour - painting seven fabulous covers, part 1
Two more wonderful covers - painting seven fabulous covers, part 2

Roman chariot racing - The young hero of The Cleopatra Curse aims to win his freedom by driving a chariot to victory in the hippodrome, rather like a young Ben Hur.

Covering the omnibus - all seven books can now be downloaded as a single ebook!