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Five Days Free - The Olympic Conspiracy

To celebrate the 2012 Olympic Games coming to London and help get you in the mood if you're sitting in a traffic jam on your way to the stadium, I am offering my Seven Fabulous Wonders ebook title The Olympic Conspiracy free (yes, you heard the unicorn right, absolutely FREE!) for five days from today until 31st July.

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This book is set during the 113th festival of the ancient Olympic Games, where the original torch relay took place around the altars of the temples in the sacred precinct at Olympia, finishing at the Temple of Zeus which housed the famous Statue of Zeus - one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World:

Here’s the timetable for the 113th Games from The Olympic Conspiracy:

DAY ONE Morning Altis: Public prayers and opening ceremony. Council House: Swearing-in ceremony for competitors, trainers and judges. Echo Colonnade: Contest for heralds and trumpeters. Afte…

Undercover Unicorn

Where do authors go on their summer holidays? Last week, the Muse infiltrated a secret author conference in deepest Oxfordshire with a secret camera hidden in his horn to bring you this exclusive unicorn-at-the-window report.

Obviously, I took a cross country route to the event. Other authors elected to travel there by motorbike, in shared taxis, or took back routes around the lanes that made their SatNavs shriek at them. When I arrived, I spotted my first famous author in classic sunglasses disguise:

There were hush-hush meetings in the garden

and other meetings inside

After sorting out the publishing industry, the authors watched some book trailers in search of the Secret Bestseller Formula that has eluded just about every human up to now (unicorns know it, naturally, but I'm not telling!)

Write a Great Synopsis - trailer for the book by Nicola Morgan

Forsaken - trailer for the book by Katherine Langrish

City of Swords - trailer made by Anne Rooney for Mary Hoffman's final St…

Joan of Arc vs Rhianna Pendragon

Can you spot the difference between these two characters?

You can find out more about these two brave girls, and read a poem Katherine wrote about Joan of Arc, over at The History Girls. (Muse: that should give you a clue!)