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Midwinter at Camelot

Midwinter the fairy host did ride, souls of men to their saddles tied, when brave Rhianna challenged their lord to a bloodless duel for the Sword. "Rhianna Pendragon, it's time for you to choose, " Lord Avallach said. "You can ride your fairy horse back to Avalon with us now, or you can choose to stay in the world of men with your own people. But be warned. If you stay, you might never see your father again." A shiver went through her. "But surely my father will return to Camelot when he is reborn?" She rested her hand on Excalibur's white jewel. Just let him try lying to her. The Avalonian lord tightened his lips. "The mists are thickening. The dark powers of Annwn grow stronger every day. Even the Hunt found the way difficult this year. No, my child. Arthur will remain with us for many years yet." As Rhianna tried to think, they heard twigs snapping in the trees behind them and shrill voices in the distance. She thought she heard Cai ca