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La Fille du Roi Arthur - King Arthur's daughter arrives in France

Rhianna Pendragon and her friends have been exploring again - this time across the English Channel, and are proud to appear in their very own French edition of "Sword of Light" published by Hachette. Here's the lovely cover: King Arthur's Daughter - Book 1 That magical looking white horse in the bottom left corner is a mist horse of Avalon, which are closely related to unicorns even though they do not have horns. They're difficult to ride, since they have a habit of misting from beneath you when they are alarmed and appearing somewhere else entirely - which happens quite often in this book, since Rhianna is being hunted by the dark knight Mordred. It's interesting to see this edition since French is the only foreign language I learned at school so I can (sort of!) understand some of the words. If you want to test yourself, here's the poem about the four magical Lights translated by Blandine Longre. Quatre Lumieres se dressent contre les tenebre