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Farewell from the Unicorn

This personal blog has been fun, but for reasons outlined below I feel it's time to let my unicorn muse trot back into the enchanted forest, where he is at his happiest spreading magic with nobody watching. So this post will be the last here at Reclusive Muse, although I will leave all past posts up for people to stumble across from time to time. ( Please note that to discourage spam all comments will be disabled ). I've organized the most useful material under page headings (see above), where you can find links to all the guest posts on this blog where other authors introduce their muses, access my now rather out-of-date series of posts about Kindle publishing, or read the story of a book in a series of posts about my Alexander the Great novel  I am the Great Horse . I started this blog as a creative outlet during a rather frustrating period without publishing contracts, when I had lost my lovely agent Maggie Noach to cancer and, as a result, my most obvious route to publi

A short tale of Queen Boudicca's rebellion

The unicorn has been rather quiet this year, and there is a reason for that. My children's publisher Templar, who published my Pendragon Legacy quartet about King Arthur's daughter, was taken over by a bigger company who decided that they would no longer publish fiction. I wrote a sequel to Spellfall called Spell Spring and proposed it to my original publisher Chicken House (happily still publishing fiction) but they decided it was too late to resurrect the series. Needless to say, the unicorn got a bit disheartened by all this, went into a sulk and vanished into the enchanted mist. So in his absence I've been busy launching a signature list to showcase my historical fiction for older readers under the name 'Katherine A Roberts'. If you've been following this blog, you might already have noticed  The Legend of Genghis Khan , which is currently available as a trilogy of ebook novellas (Prince of Wolves, Bride of Wolves, Blood of Wolves). I am in discussion with