Farewell from the Unicorn

This personal blog has been fun, but for reasons outlined below I feel it's time to let my unicorn muse trot back into the enchanted forest, where he is at his happiest spreading magic with nobody watching. So this post will be the last here at Reclusive Muse, although I will leave all past posts up for people to stumble across from time to time. (Please note that to discourage spam all comments will be disabled).

I've organized the most useful material under page headings (see above), where you can find links to all the guest posts on this blog where other authors introduce their muses, access my now rather out-of-date series of posts about Kindle publishing, or read the story of a book in a series of posts about my Alexander the Great novel I am the Great Horse.

I started this blog as a creative outlet during a rather frustrating period without publishing contracts, when I had lost my lovely agent Maggie Noach to cancer and, as a result, my most obvious route to publication. Being without deadlines gave me time to do other things, however, and when Amazon opened their direct publishing platform to UK authors, I was already in the process of reverting rights for my out of print books. Making my backlist reavailable as ebooks and print-on-demand paperbacks has been an enlightening experience with plenty of room to exercise my creativity, particularly regarding cover art and design, which I'm finding very enjoyable if rather time consuming. This has led naturally to indie-publishing some of my projects for older readers. I'm not turning my back on younger fiction, and I'm always happy to work with publishers on the right project, but in the meantime any spare creative energy will be going into new work, rather than blogging about it.

So this is goodbye from the unicorn, but not goodbye from me. You can keep up with my book news over at Facebook:


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Until we meet again, the unicorn gets the last word...