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The Legend of Genghis Khan - ten years, three ebooks, one big headache for publishers

Book 3 of the Legend of Genghis Khan Blood of Wolves*  is now published, taking my historical young adult project up to the Year of the Tiger 1206, when the young Temujin became 'Genghis' Khan of all the people who lived in felt tents on the Mongolian steppe. Secret History of the Mongols: Genghis for poets? It has been an equally long author journey for me, starting in the hot summer of 2006, when I purchased my copy of The Secret History of the Mongols from a bookshop in Stroud and wrote the first words that would become Temujin's story, to 2016 when I finally stopped fiddling with the commas and published his blood brother Jamukha's side of the story as an ebook for Kindle. Alexander the Great (not Genghis!) It seems right to publish this project as three novellas, since the original structure of the book fell naturally into three parts - Temujin's story, his wife Borta's story, and his blood brother Jamukha's story. But when I was writin