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Halloween ebook Treat

Hello, Razz here! Since it is Halloween, I would like to introduce new readers to SPELLFALL , the only book containing unicorns that Katherine has written so far. (She also wrote a short story about a unicorn for an illustrated pop-up title Magical Horses but that unicorn is the sweet, glittery type who goes around laying his head in maidens’ laps and getting himself caught by hunters hiding behind trees… a bit dim, in other words! As you can imagine, he’s not related to me.) I am more like the unicorns in Spellfall, who live in the enchanted parallel world of Earthaven, which you can visit by squeezing through a small hole in a standing stone in the middle of Unicorn Wood... if you can find the wood, that is. (It's next to a new housing estate called Millennium Green, which is probably not much help unless you happen to live there.) Otherwise, you can wait until Halloween, when the Boundary between your world and Earthaven opens between midnight and dawn, and simply w

Win Pendragon Legacy Books!

To celebrate his new name, Razz the Muse would like to give everyone a second chance to win copies of "Sword of Light" and "Lance of Truth". The lovely Templar Books are running this competition over on their Facebook page. This time, all you need to do is name Rhianna's father (and that's got to be easier than naming a unicorn, hasn't it?) Click here to enter Good luck!  Razz X

The Name!

The unicorn would like to announce that from now on his official name will be Raziele Razorhorn Roberts (‘Razz’ for short) Congratulations to Rebecca Leigh, who suggested Raziele. She wins a signed first edition hardcover of Lance of Truth . Thanks also to Sapphire Ruizhen, who pointed me towards the unicorn name generator on the web, which is endless fun for your fluffy, soft-horned type of unicorn foal… I chose Razorhorn as my second name because that one never came up on the generator, not once. Sapphire wins a signed paperback of Sword of Light . And Roberts is my last name, because I'm the muse of Katherine Roberts (she doesn’t win anything, since she wrote the books). Finally, every unicorn needs a short name for his friends to use. Mine is 'Razz', which means Raspberry or a tease - as you know, I sometimes like to tease. (I was rather fond of Spike as well, but Katherine says that always makes her think of Hugh Grant's Welsh flatmate in N

Unicorn Names

Arianwen Serena sounds beautifully serene, Lilac Starblossom pretty like a dream. Azaran, Raziele and Spike are certainly strong while Taliesin sings magical songs. Cluny and Laxus might be clean and pure but Hagibis is swift and sure. Kephiso was muse of lore But who am I, the unicor...n? Choosing a name is difficult! But 'Reclusive Muse' just won’t work now that my publisher insists I become less reclusive, so choose I must. Better just see what the Unicorn Name Generator says… Berry Snowy Nostrils Berry is a little monkey who is always getting into trouble. He is as white as the driven snow, and he dances in clouds of falling stars. !!?!! All the entries are interesting, so I’m going to “muse” on my name for a few days, and the winner will be announced on this blog next week. (I quite fancy more than one name, like humans have… but I'll have to see what my author says about that.) But today is not only my name-day! It’s publication day for Book 2