Monday, 1 October 2012

Unicorn Names

Arianwen Serena sounds beautifully serene,
Lilac Starblossom pretty like a dream.
Azaran, Raziele and Spike are certainly strong
while Taliesin sings magical songs.
Cluny and Laxus might be clean and pure
but Hagibis is swift and sure.
Kephiso was muse of lore
But who am I, the unicor...n?

Choosing a name is difficult! But 'Reclusive Muse' just won’t work now that my publisher insists I become less reclusive, so choose I must.

Better just see what the Unicorn Name Generator says…

Berry Snowy Nostrils

Berry is a little monkey who is always getting into trouble.
He is as white as the driven snow,
and he dances in clouds of falling stars.


All the entries are interesting, so I’m going to “muse” on my name for a few days, and the winner will be announced on this blog next week. (I quite fancy more than one name, like humans have… but I'll have to see what my author says about that.)

But today is not only my name-day!
It’s publication day for Book 2 of the Pendragon Legacy Lance of Truth

You can also now get Book 1 Sword of Light in paperback and ebook

And if you want a laugh while you're waiting for me to choose my name, you can watch Katherine playing around with (what she thinks is) Excalibur in her bathroom over on Youtube. Authors, huh?


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