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Covering an Omnibus - where do you put all the words?

No, I don't mean covering the side of a double decker bus with an advert for my book... although the book in question might well turn out to be the size of a small bus if it were printed and bound in the traditional way. I mean my Seven Fabulous Wonders omnibus collection of all seven titles in the series, which is available as an ebook only (being kinder to trees and buses). In America, such collections are called boxed sets and come with the kind of e-cover that looks like a shelf full of books. But my Seven Fabulous Wonders series was never published in America, so I decided to call mine "Seven Fabulous Wonders: the omnibus collection" and go down the single cover route. My first attempt looked like this: This cover followed the design of the seven individual ebook covers, so I kept the series title small across the central black band and used "the Omnibus Collection" as the larger main title. I didn't even consider if this might be confusing