Free ebooks

If you want to try before you buy, here are all my free ebooks... these are all short reads intended to give you an idea of my full-length fiction for different age ranges.

Age 8-11
Horse of Mist
Find out how Rhianna tamed her mist horse... this short tale acts as a prequel to my Pendragon Legacy series of books for younger readers about King Arthur's daughter and her friends. Free for Kindle.

Teen/YA (and adult fantasy fans)
A Gift from the Merlee
This fantasy tale introduces the half-human merlee, whose songs have power over the ocean. It's one of the short stories that inspired my first novel Song Quest and the Echorium Sequence trilogy. Free for epub.

YA and adult readers
Empire of the Hare
Sample my historical fiction for older readers with this short tale about Queen Boudicca's rebellion. I haven't written a novel about Boudicca (yet), but if you like this one you'll probably enjoy my Genghis Khan novel Bone Music. Free for epub.

Ages 10 - adult (particularly if you like horses)
Prince of Macedonia
The first three 'Hoofprints' (chapters) of my Alexander the Great novel, I am the Great Horse. Free for epub.

You can also find Kindle editions of these short books at Amazon for 99p each.