Pendragon Legacy

A series of four books about King Arthur's daughter, Rhianna Pendragon, and her friends Prince Elphin, Squire Cai, and Maid Arianrhod, perfect for younger readers (age 9+).

These titles are now available in hardcover, paperback and ebook from Templar Books, Amazon, and physical bookstores (who can order them for you if they have run out of shelf copies).

Want to know more? The links below will take you to some brilliant blogs where I have been interviewed or written guest posts about Rhianna and her friends. Please drop by and feel free to explore while you are over there.

The Bookette
A week-long interview with school librarian Becky.

Do Authors Dream of Electric Books?
Some thoughts on the difference between e-publishing and traditional hardcover publishing.

The History Girls
King Arthur: history or legend?

Memories of a Future Life
The undercover soundtrack to my series: Maddy Prior, Steeleye Span, and Clannad (complete with audio links).

Book Angel Booktopia
My Arthurian quest through adult and children's fantasy.

Book Maven
Mary Hoffman's Women of Camelot (based on Sir Thomas Malory's version of the legend) meet Rhianna Pendragon (based on mine)... will they fight?

Seven Miles of Steel Thistles
I am interviewed by Katherine Langrish, mistress of this wonderful fairytale blog.

Writing in the House of Dreams
The Heroine's Journey.

Feeling Fictional
I am interviewed by Sarah.

Girls Heart Books
An exchange of letters between my heroine Rhianna Pendragon and Michelle Lovric's heroine Talina Molin.


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