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Easter special offer: I am the Great Horse only 99p until May!

This Easter, you can download the Kindle edition of my epic novel 'I am the Great Horse' for only 99p (offer available until May 1st). I am the Great Horse Told from the point of view of Alexander the Great's boisterous black stallion Bucephalas, this book could be described as Anna Sewell's 'Black Beauty' meets Michael Murpurgo's 'War Horse'... although Bucephalas definitely has a character all of his own! The story is an entertaining account of their epic journey across Persia to India, including all of Alexander's major battles along the way, from when we meet the daring young prince in Macedonia who tames the horse nobody else can ride, to his mysterious death in Babylon. At 150,000 words, this is a great value read for all generations of horse and history lovers (recommended age for younger readers 10+).