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Have you read my Branford Boase Award winning novel?

My debut novel Song Quest won the inaugural Branford Boase Award in 2000, when it was first published in hardback by Element Books with this cover (that's the one you need if you collect first editions!) Song Quest (Element, 1999) Since then, Song Quest has had several paperback editions, and Chicken House went on to publish two sequels Crystal Mask and Dark Quetzal,  forming the Echorium trilogy that was published for a young adult market in America by Scholastic. Song Quest (Scholastic, 2002) The current edition is available as either paperback or ebook. Song Quest If you would like to read a free story about the half-fish, half-human creatures that feature in the book, you can download the ebook of  A Gift From the Merlee  from the digital store of your choice. (Please note that this is a standalone story, and not a prequel to the Echorium trilogy.) A Gift from the Merlee For more about the Echorium trilogy, click here .