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Seven Fabulous Wonders Competition Update

Hello, it’s the unicorn again! I apologise for my long absence from my own blog, but slave driver Katherine Roberts has had me chained to her desk finishing Book 2 of the Pendragon Legacy  for delivery to her editor, who will be the first person in the entire world to read it apart from me. Meanwhile Mati the Tygrine cat has been here holding the enchanted mists open for me, and he’s told me you are all wondering what I’ve been up to... Well, apart from working on the new book, I’ve been talking to my author about the reviewing competition she is running for her Seven Fabulous Wonders e-books. As you will know if you’ve been following this blog, the paperbacks are now out of print, but she is re-launching the whole series as e-books between now and February -  details here . ( If you are VERY quick, you might still be able to get the first book The Cleopatra Curse for the bargain price of 86p… this price will rise on 1st September .) So far there has been one brilliant review pos

Exclusive interview with the Tygrine Cat!

The unicorn would like to introduce you to Mati, the Tygrine Cat, who has come over to this blog today to give his first ever interview… that’s him on the cover of his book, glowing a little (he does that sometimes). As you can probably tell, Mati is no ordinary cat. He is of an ancient bloodline that dates back to a legendary Egyptian queen who gave birth to two magical kittens. The spotted Sa and the red-coated Abyssinian Tygrine have been at each other’s throats ever since, and Mati is the last of his kind. Sent across the sea to England by his mother as a young catling for his own safety, he finds a home of sorts at Cressida Lock market with a gang of feral cats and wise old Sparrow. He also makes a friend of nervous stray Jess, who used to live with a human (called a ‘hind’) but cannot find her way home. The feral cats are wary of any cat who is different from them, and when the marketplace is flooded they blame Mati, even though it was the work of the Sa assassin sent to kill

MUSE MONDAY - Italy "the leg-shaped country" by Mary Hoffman

This Monday the unicorn is delighted to welcome Mary Hoffman, prize-winning author of over 90 books - that's a LOT of writing! Here she talks about her muse and the inspiration for her latest novel David . Over to you,  Mary... I never thought of myself as having a Muse at all until Katherine's unicorn gave me the opportunity to visit his blog on a Monday. And I was asked to talk to Mariella Frostrup on Radio 4's Open Book recently, with another writer, about the muses of Renaissance artists. That got me thinking. My muse is not an animal, real or mythical, nor yet is it a human source of inspiration like those 19th century women that were were models for the Pre-Raphaelite painters, like Elizabeth Siddall. My muse is a country.  "The leg-shaped country" It began as a youthful crush when I was fourteen and met my Muse for the first time, matured into a full-blown love affair when I was twenty, and has been going strong for decades since. Il