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The Perils of Proofreading

Or should that be proof-reading? You'll see both, and sometimes also 'proof reading' as two words. My 1984 Oxford dictionary favours the hyphen, though most people these days seem to use 'proofreading' as a single word (I suspect it has become a single word in later editions of many dictionaries). So why does it matter? You all know what it means, right? Or maybe what it used to mean. My dictionary defines proof-reader as "person employed in reading and correcting proofs". (Proofs being the printer's proofs ready for publication, exactly as the reader will see them - the word comes from a bygone age when printers had to set type before printing.) A better explanation in our digital age might be this from : "Proofreading means carefully checking for errors in a text before it is published or shared. It is the very last stage of the writing process, when you fix minor spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos, formatting issues and inco

Heroic & Historical

The unicorn has added a third collection to my Ampersand Tales series of short fiction. As with my earlier fantasy and science fiction collections, this book contains seven stories - plus a short bonus story about King Midas' wife. (The king who got the golden touch, remember him? Sounds good in theory, but he did go through rather a lot of wives...) FREE DOWNLOAD 3rd & 4th August! short stories inspired by history and legend Kindle edition *** FREE DOWNLOAD 3rd & 4th August *** A paperback edition will follow soon, when the unicorn has done the formatting. You'll find the following stories in this book: She Comes Who Brings Life Cassandra the Crazy (of Troy) The Fifty-Fourth Wife (the King Midas one!) Gladiator Girl Empire of the Hare* The Soldier Who Slew God Waiting at the Obelisk The Other Fallen Angel * Empire of the Hare  is also available as a  free download for epub  or 99p Kindle single .