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Sword of Light Blog Tour

The "Sword of Light" blog tour ends tomorrow, and what an interesting month it has been! This is the first time I have done an official blog tour for one of my books, and I've been asked for everything from author interviews, to a guest post on the historical evidence for King Arthur, and even an undercover soundtrack that inspired the book. Best of all, to celebrate the end of the tour my publishers Templar are giving away TEN hardback copies of "Sword of Light" to lucky UK readers! To claim your copy, register before 3rd March at  Feeling Fictional . Meanwhile, if you've missed any of the posts, here they all are again conveniently collected in one place with links to all the lovely bloggers who bravely welcomed Rhianna Pendragon to their blogs. (Thank you, everyone! I hope she wasn't too much trouble.) January - The Bookette A week-long interview with Katherine. I’ve read a lot of (adult) Arthurian fiction and have tried to keep the most popu

Don't judge a book by its e-cover...

Since I have two books out this month (the first in my new Pendragon Legacy series and the reissue of my debut novel), and both have interesting cover treatments that do not translate well into e-format, I couldn't resist taking this photo of the real thing to show you what these books might actually look like on your shelf:  shimmery "Sword of Light" and golden "Song Quest"  ( Muse: It took me ages to get the light from my horn shining just right on the covers, and even so the picture doesn't tell the whole story !) Sword of Light (Templar) on the left is a small, chunky hardcover with a subtle pearly sheen. It does not have a jacket like most hardcovers, so  Scott Altmann 's artwork is printed straight on to the cover. Inside the flaps, you'll find the maps for the book printed in blue and white. It was going to have a fancy acetate jacket with the artwork showing underneath looking more like this, but that didn't work out for the act

Publication Day - Sword of Light

Today, King Arthur's daughter Rhianna Pendragon rides into the world of men on her first adventure. She'll be visiting several other blogs over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open (she rides a mist horse that's prone to vanishing, so you might need to look twice). Here she is...  Rhianna Pendragon - "don't mess with me!"  Meet her friends... Prince Elphin, Arianrhod and Cai...  Elphin is a prince of Avalon and carries a magic harp that comes in very useful on their quest. Arianrhod is Rhianna's maid at Camelot, who has the thankless job of turning her into a princess. Cai is a squire - not a very good one yet, but he's brave and has potential. Now meet the villain, her cousin Mordred... he hasn't got a moody portrait yet, so here's the prologue of "Sword of Light" instead... THE DARK KNIGHT WAKES The day after he had killed King Arthur, Mordred opened his eyes to flickering candlelight and damp r