Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Seven Fabulous Wonders Competition Update

Hello, it’s the unicorn again! I apologise for my long absence from my own blog, but slave driver Katherine Roberts has had me chained to her desk finishing Book 2 of the Pendragon Legacy for delivery to her editor, who will be the first person in the entire world to read it apart from me. Meanwhile Mati the Tygrine cat has been here holding the enchanted mists open for me, and he’s told me you are all wondering what I’ve been up to...

Well, apart from working on the new book, I’ve been talking to my author about the reviewing competition she is running for her Seven Fabulous Wonders e-books. As you will know if you’ve been following this blog, the paperbacks are now out of print, but she is re-launching the whole series as e-books between now and February - details here. (If you are VERY quick, you might still be able to get the first book The Cleopatra Curse for the bargain price of 86p… this price will rise on 1st September.)

So far there has been one brilliant review posted on amazon.co.uk and although it has not been officially entered for the competition I can tell you that it is a definite WINNER (So "Alexandra P", if you would like your prize please email the unicorn to select your book from the list below and tell me where you'd like me to send it).

However, my author has been wondering why there were not more entries… she says surely not everyone has been spending their entire summer holiday chained to a desk like the poor unicorn? Well, I could have told her! Obviously if someone has already read the book in order to give it a review, they might not want that exact same book as a prize... duh. So I’ve given her a prod with my sparkly horn, and she has agreed to extend the competition to make it a bit more appealing.

Now you can post a review of either The Cleopatra Curse or The Colossus Crisis (both of which are currently available as low-priced e-books), and if your review wins you can choose as your prize a signed paperback copy of any one of the following books by Katherine Roberts:

signed copy of  "The Cleopatra Curse"
signed copy of  "The Colossus Crisis"
signed copy of  "Spellfall"

This obviously means you can choose a different book as your prize from the one you chose to review.

As before, there will be one prize for the best review on amazon.co.uk, and one for the best review on amazon.com. And to give you a chance to read the book of your choice and post your review, the closing date of the competition will be extended until 31st October 2011, giving you two months to get your horn (I mean your head) around it.

How fair is that?

Remember, to enter your review for a prize you must email the unicorn (unicorn AT katherineroberts.co.uk) and tell him which one is yours. Good luck.


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