I am the Great Horse

This series follows the birth of my book "I am the Great Horse" from the initial idea through its writing to publication and beyond. I hope you find it interesting, whether you're writing a book yourself or just curious to know what goes on behind publishing doors. I'm still amazed that my scribbled one-line idea grew into a novel that has touched the lives of so many people from across the world.

2. Choosing a viewpoint
3. Getting into the horse's (rather big) head!
4. Beginning the book
5. Research
6. Characters
7. The plot thickens
8. Ending
9. Editing - the author's view
10. Editing - the editor's view by Helen Wire
11. Titles
12. Illustrating maps by Brian Sanders
13. Greek translation by Anna Vasileiadi-Dardalis
14. Book trailer by Jaguar Jedi
15. Alexander and Bucephalus at the Gates of Paradise by Fairholme School
16. The ebook
17. The ten-part serial
18. The print-on-demand paperback.


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