Great Horses

Two full-length novels that bring to life famous horses from history.


Want to know the worst part of being the most famous racehorse in the entire Roman Empire?

Find out in this action-packed adventure set in 1st century Rome!

The Horse Who Would Be Emperor

Emperor Caligula's favourite racehorse Incitatus 'the Swift' lives in a palatial stable, eats gold for breakfast, attends the Senate, and has 18 slaves to look after him. When the childless Caligula names Incitatus heir to the throne, the horse's stylist Livia and his young charioteer Marcus are caught up in a plot to assassinate the mad emperor and restore the Republic to Rome. Livia is sentenced to death in the gladiatorial arena, while Marcus must risk life and limb racing chariots in the Circus Maximus. Only Incitatus can save them... but how can a horse become Emperor of Rome?



My name is Bucephalas.
My rider was Alexander the Great.
Climb on my back, if you dare, and let me carry you into the battles that changed the world.

I am the Great Horse

The epic story of Alexander the Great straight from the horse's mouth.

This book will take you on a wild journey from Alexander's home of Macedonia, across Ancient Persia to India and the edge of the known world. There are many battles to fight on the way, but also moments of tenderness as Prince Alexander and the horse's groom Charmeia (who disguises herself as a boy to travel with the army) are brought together by the bold, black stallion nobody else can ride.

Want more? Follow the links below to join me in the writing of "I am the Great Horse", from the initial idea through to publication and beyond. I'm still amazed that my scribbled, one-line idea grew into an epic novel that has touched the lives of so many people of all generations across the world.

2. Choosing a viewpoint
3. Getting into the horse's (rather big) head!
4. Beginning the book
5. Research
6. Characters
7. The plot thickens
8. Ending
9. Editing - the author's view
10. Editing - the editor's view by Helen Wire
11. Titles
12. Illustrating maps by Brian Sanders
13. Greek translation by Anna Vasileiadi-Dardalis
14. Book trailer by Jaguar Jedi
15. Alexander and Bucephalus at the Gates of Paradise by Fairholme School
16. The ebook
17. The print-on-demand paperback.