Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween ebook Treat

Hello, Razz here! Since it is Halloween, I would like to introduce new readers to SPELLFALL, the only book containing unicorns that Katherine has written so far. (She also wrote a short story about a unicorn for an illustrated pop-up title Magical Horses but that unicorn is the sweet, glittery type who goes around laying his head in maidens’ laps and getting himself caught by hunters hiding behind trees… a bit dim, in other words! As you can imagine, he’s not related to me.)

I am more like the unicorns in Spellfall, who live in the enchanted parallel world of Earthaven, which you can visit by squeezing through a small hole in a standing stone in the middle of Unicorn Wood... if you can find the wood, that is. (It's next to a new housing estate called Millennium Green, which is probably not much help unless you happen to live there.) Otherwise, you can wait until Halloween, when the Boundary between your world and Earthaven opens between midnight and dawn, and simply walk across - provided you are brave enough to face all the ghouls and ghosts coming the other way!

Anyway, these proper unicorns from Spellfall roam in herds among giant soul-trees whose leaves contain magic and are known to humans as "spells". (You might think a spell is something you mumble in Latin while waving a magic wand, but believe me that's just in a certain type of children's book and not the way things are done over here in Earthaven.) The magical soul-trees communicate using root systems, and you can travel along their bigger roots in “organazoomers”, which are pods a bit like your underground carriages, except they go much faster and you’re likely to be thrown around inside them if the trees don’t like you… which they won’t, if you happen to be a common spell-caster like the villain of the story, Lord Hawk.

Fortunately the heroine of the book, Natalie, is a soul-tree and unicorn friend, since her mother was one of the Spellmages who look after Earthaven. I say "was", since Natalie’s mother fell into a river and drowned before the book starts, though her magehound K’tanaqui survived and can talk to Natalie when she crosses the Boundary. He's a beautiful white wolf... though not as beautiful as a unicorn, naturally. He helps her find the unicorn herd, and as you can imagine unicorns are quite fierce when aroused (we don’t have horns for nothing, you know!) When Natalie and Lord Hawk's bullied son Merlin join forces to help the Spellmages save Earthaven from the spell-casters' evil plan to poison the soul-trees, the unicorns finally get to use their horns in anger.


This Halloween, you don’t have to go trick-and-treating to find Earthaven. For two days only, between dawn 31st October and midnight 1st November, you can download a copy of the Kindle edition of Spellfall absolutely FREE.

And if you miss the free download, the good news is Amazon Prime members can now borrow Spellfall for seven days from the Kindle Owner's Lending Library.*

*This ebook library is brand new to the UK this month, so be sure to tell all your friends!



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