Monday, 8 October 2012

The Name!

The unicorn would like to announce that from now on his official name will be

Raziele Razorhorn Roberts (‘Razz’ for short)

Congratulations to Rebecca Leigh, who suggested Raziele. She wins a signed first edition hardcover of Lance of Truth.

Thanks also to Sapphire Ruizhen, who pointed me towards the unicorn name generator on the web, which is endless fun for your fluffy, soft-horned type of unicorn foal… I chose Razorhorn as my second name because that one never came up on the generator, not once. Sapphire wins a signed paperback of Sword of Light.

And Roberts is my last name, because I'm the muse of Katherine Roberts (she doesn’t win anything, since she wrote the books).

Finally, every unicorn needs a short name for his friends to use. Mine is 'Razz', which means Raspberry or a tease - as you know, I sometimes like to tease. (I was rather fond of Spike as well, but Katherine says that always makes her think of Hugh Grant's Welsh flatmate in Notting Hill - not the best image for a unicorn!)

Thank you to everyone who entered. I feel like a proper grown-up unicorn now.



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