Some pictures of me

I know you're asking. How does my author know I'm a unicorn, and when did I first enter her life?

If you're new to my author's books, it may surprise you to know I've been bringing her ideas out of the enchanted mists for about twenty years now. She started out by writing short stories. Then she won a competition for one of them and got some prize money. Since it wasn't enough to pay any bills, she decided to buy something special with it to remind her of her success.

Amazingly (could it have been magic?) as she was walking through town the next day, she saw some unicorn book ends in a shop window. It took only a gentle nudge from my horn to make her spend her competition winnings on them. Here they are, holding up some of her books:

I know, I know... I don't sound your typical sweet and sparkly sort of unicorn! But I was a foal in those days, and that's what unicorn foals look like. My author also has my poster on her wall, which she found a few years after the book ends. This is more like me now:

She burns candles and incense for me, naturally. We muses have to be charmed.


Quite right too - muses should be wooed!