Friday, 5 February 2010

Castle of Shadows launch party

Last Saturday, my author tried to go to a party without me! I had to gallop very fast to keep up with the train, and my golden hooves got wet since the track runs right beside the sea. Fortunately, their magic is not affected by salt water, so I eventually caught up with her in Exeter at the brilliant central library, where I found her gossiping with a group of author friends.

Everyone had wine or apple juice and crisps and biscuits, then got to hear author Ellen Renner read from her first novel “Castle of Shadows”, which has already won a prize in the WOW Cornerstones competition so it must be pretty good. (It’s just joined the pile of books on Katherine's bedside table, so at the end of the month you’ll get to hear a bit more about it.) That's Ellen in the photo, looking very glamorous. The Muse approves of her jacket.

And here's my author (looking guilty on the left) with Lynne Benton and Luisa Plaja. Sue Purkiss had to help me take the photo, since hooves are not good with cameras - thanks, Sue!

I had fun eating up all the leftovers while everyone was in the other room listening to the reading, though I accidentally burst one of the balloons with my horn which made some people jump! Sometimes I forget how sharp it is. I then had to make a quick getaway so I could gallop home before my author missed me. It was a cold day, but the weather was beautifully sunny, the sea sparkled in the winter sunshine, and we didn't have to travel very far so we both arrived home before dark.

The Muse thinks there should be more book launches outside London… what do you think?


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