Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Author Hotline

Today the UK celebrates World Book Day, so many authors are out and about visiting schools or doing other bookish events. This means of course that they are not at their computers creating new stories, so you’ll be pleased to hear that Katherine is doing her proper author-work and working quietly on her new series. I had to put my horn at her throat to keep her in her chair, but she saw my point. (Horn… point… get it? Sorry!) Anyway, the point of this post is that some authors are like unicorns and can be difficult to lure out of the enchanted mists. But there is now a place on the internet where you can find out a bit more about these authors, link to their websites, and get in touch to ask where their next book is.

It’s called THE AUTHOR HOTLINE and it’s launching TODAY.

To celebrate the launch, there’s an exciting “opening lines” competition to win a set of signed books for your school, and the six children’s laureates have provided some fabulous laureate-level story openings to give you some inspiration (also check out the Muse’s post on story beginnings). So get across to the Author Hotline and tell all your friends! You can even find my author over there (she sneaked out last week to put up her profile while I was drinking at my favourite enchanted pool). But the Muse absolutely forbids you to distract her, or she’ll never finish her new series…


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