Thursday, 11 March 2010

Nasty unicorn!

There are some unicorns you wouldn’t want to meet on a dark night. Here’s one of them… avenging plastic unicorn.
It comes with little dolls you can impale on its horn. One of them is meant to be your boss, or maybe a teacher if you haven’t got a boss yet. One looks like a clown. The other one is a new age lady who looks a bit like Katherine! Well, if that nasty plastic unicorn comes anywhere NEAR my author, it’ll discover my horn is more powerful than its horn… doesn’t it realize blood destroys the very enchantments that make us strong?

The First Law of the Enchanted Mists says that if a muse uses their power to harm or destroy, they will only end up harming themselves. I have to keep reminding my author of this whenever she asks me to write something that has no spirit or might do harm to her readers. Yes, I have a sharp horn with magical powers. But I use it only in self-defence to make sure nobody messes with me while I get on with my muse-work. It’s sad but the world outside the enchanted mists can be a dangerous place. When I have to travel through it, I’m glad of my horn.

If you had a powerful magical weapon attached to your forehead, what would you use it for?
a) Self defence only.
b) Dominating others (like the Great Horse did).
c) Impaling someone… who exactly?


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