Thursday, 8 April 2010

Poetry Post - Armageddon

Thanks to Safiyah for sending in two of her own poems and suggesting the idea of a poetry post. The Muse loves poems! Sticking with the space theme, here is one of Katherine's efforts...


Everyone agrees it must have been a major disaster -
Perhaps something atomic, no-one remembers now.
It does not matter.
We are scattered across the Universe
shrunken, crippled.
No longer men.

Once we built cities large as planets,
White marble shining in the sun.
We reached across galaxies and touched the stars,
Made belts of supernovae and pleated space so we could thread
Silver-bright ships through relays of black holes.

We cut larger and stitched faster
And covered the face of God
with fragments of ourselves.

Small wonder he sneezed.

© Katherine Roberts


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