Tuesday, 6 April 2010

“Swindon, we have a problem…”

When digging about for best-selling ideas, we muses have a habit of seeing slightly weird things… like the launch of the UK Space Agency, which replaced the British National Space Centre in Swindon on 1st April. Apparently there will be at least three UK space missions between now and 2030, which sounds very exciting if you’re into space tourism and exploration. Although there probably won’t be any actual launches from Swindon itself, British astronauts are go!

All right, I know what you’re thinking. April fool, maybe? Already the location of the UK Space Agency has prompted journalists to change the famous line from Apollo 13 “Houston, we have a problem…” (the unlucky NASA astronauts’ first communication after their spacecraft was damaged by an explosion in their oxygen tank, wrecking their mission to the moon) into the rather less glamorous title of this post. But the Muse thinks it is real - or are unicorns just gullible?! Anyway, real or not, it doesn’t matter since Katherine is a SF/fantasy author and has already decided the heroine of her new book should live in Swindon and go to a school in space. She watched the film of Apollo 13 only a few days ago, so this latest news is another neat part of the jigsaw. Muses do love it when that happens.

Of course we DO still have a little problem, which is lack of a publisher to launch Katherine’s new books into the world. King Arthur’s daughter is still out there fluttering her eyelashes at them so will hopefully find one soon who will then get first look at this. But my author needs to work on something in the meantime or she'll get bored and might scratch me again with her tiger claws. So what do you brave explorers of the enchanted mists who read this blog think? Would you like to read a space-fantasy series? Let the Muse know!


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