Saturday, 26 June 2010

Winning Dido

Katherine is very excited because she has just won a copy of “Dido” by Adele Geras in the Bookette’s draw. It arrived in the post today, making a change from bills and leaflets advertising local supermarkets.

She’s delighted to win this one because:
She loved Adele Geras’s other books set in the same period “Troy” and “Ithaka”
She doesn’t know the story of Dido (yet!)
She’s met Adele!!!

…Pause for small prod with my glittery horn to remind her of her manners…

Katherine would like to thank:
Random House and David Fickling (who published the book),
the Bookette for doing a wonderful week of interviews with Adele Geras,
and of course Adele herself for writing the story.

The Muse's review of this book will be posted in July.


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