Thursday, 29 July 2010

The devil makes work for idle unicorns

Katherine says I need to spend more time helping her write her next bestseller and less time moonlighting over here. She says if I don’t pull my sparkly unicorn socks up soon, she will find herself another muse.

So I need your help, faithful followers! Please consider the questions below and be as brutally honest as you like.

Is this blog boring?
Is it worth a unicorn’s glitter to blog for 15 people?
How many other people (not followers) are reading this blog?
Who reads blogs apart from other bloggers?
Are we all just blogging for one another?
Which parts of this blog do you like?
Which bits don’t you like?
What else would you like to see on this blog?
What do you think makes a REALLY GREAT author blog?
Or do you think authors and their muses should just get on with writing their books and leave blogging to everyone else?

Katherine has set me a target of 500 followers by the end of this year. If I do not achieve this, she says she’s putting me out to grass without a pension and I can forget my Christmas bonus. This is understandable because unicorns are immortal and would soon eat their way through even the largest of pension pots. But muses hate to be idle… which is, of course, why I’ve been moonlighting over here in the first place!

I await your comments. My future as a blogger (and quite possibly the fate of my muse-soul) lies in your hands.


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