Poetic Interlude - by Safiyah Afghan

Before the Great Horse totally takes over this blog, the Muse is going to nudge him aside with his glittery horn to make space for this poem sent in by a young writer inspired by the book…

© Safiyah Afghan

My stallion would be black.
Jet Black.
A stallion of war.
He would run like the wind.
And fly.
He could do anything.
That’s what my stallion would be.

Naturally, both Bucephalas and the Muse approve of this poem! It might be short, but we hope you’ll agree it says a lot in a small space (unlike Katherine’s book, which says a lot in a small forest!) What sort of writing suits you? Do you prefer writing novels or poems?

Young writers are always welcome to share their work on this blog – click HERE for details

The Great Horse series continues next post.


Lovely poem, Safiyah! I like the alternate short lines, which make what you say sound very firm and assured.
Unknown said…
Compact but powerful. Great poem Safiyah!