Saturday, 18 September 2010

A cat story by Ayesha Afghan

Alexander the Great had a horse called Bucephalas and a dog called Perita, but the history books do not tell us if he had a cat. So the Muse is delighted to bring you this story written by a young fan for cat lovers everywhere:

Hokey Cokey
© Ayesha Afghan

One day a little girl was walking past an old oak tree,
And heard a cat meowing, as if to say, “Please rescue me”.
Looking around, she found some ladders beside a garden shed,
Climbing up, “Don’t worry cat, I’m on my way,” she said.
She knew that when she got down, she would be a dirty muck,
There was a crash, the ladders fell, “Oh no, now we’re both stuck!”

She sat next to the cat; she let out an anxious groan.
She put her hands in her pockets and realized she had her phone.
She called the fire brigade, and told them to quickly come.
She sat on the branch, “Well this isn’t much fun.”
It soon became exciting with flashing lights and running men,
There were hundreds and thousands, ok maybe just ten.

The fire engine’s hydraulic lift came up so very high,
For a minute, she had thought that it would reach the sky.
As she was coming down, she was staring up into the clouds,
But when she turned and looked down, she could see enormous crowds.
She saw her mum and dad, when she finally reached the ground,
She hugged them and said pointing to the cat, “Look what I found”.

“Please can we take him home, oh please, please,” she begged.
“Well, I suppose we could keep him,” Mum and Dad said.
“I know what we could call him; we could call him Coke from cat and oak.”
As they walked home, she cuddled him and gave his head a stroke.

The Muse loves a happy ending! Many thanks to Ayesha for sending this one in.

Young writers are always welcome to share their writing on this blog. Click here for details.


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