Sunday, 3 October 2010

Unicorn Glitter Award round-up

The Muse would like to push the Great Horse aside with his sparkly horn for a moment to send a few more Glitter Awards out into the enchanted misty parts of the blogosphere.

The first two Glitter Awards were given in June
to Seven Miles of Steel Thistles and The Bookette, who nominated some other blogs they thought a unicorn would enjoy.

Awards also went to Scribble City Central for a fabulous series of interviews with fantasy authors (this series has now finished, but you can still read them in Scribble City's archives) and Daria's All Pencils of Mine are Sugar Plums for her beautiful drawings of the Echorium Sequence.

The Muse has been checking out the other nominations over the past couple of months and is now sending a long-awaited award over to:
The Fairytale Cupboard… for exactly what it says on the door!

A glitter award is also on its way to new blog Dragontongue written by a group of authors who live in the mysterious dragon country of Wales. (You might think unicorns and dragons are always at each other’s throats, but it’s not true! We enchanted creatures need to stick together.)

Congratulations also to the other nominated blogs, which the Muse highly recommends visiting if you love all things fantastic:
Robin McKinley
Charlotte’s Library
Imagination in Focus
Absolute Vanilla
Once Upon a Book Blog
In Which a Girl Reads

The Great Horse series returns on Wednesday with our fabulous guest editor's post... so be sure to visit then for a rare glimpse into what editors really think of your manuscripts!


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