Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Kindle 1 - A Gift from Santa

I have finally tracked down my unicorn (he was over at amazon buying an e-book, of all things) and spoken to him about the way this blog is going to develop in 2011. Naturally, the Muse favours a misty spiral path filled with magic whereas I, being merely human, am more inclined to structure like the Bookette. So we’ve compromised and come up with a basic outline to follow for the days we have something to post about. It’ll work like this:

Muse Mondays – Guest posts where other authors introduce their muses. (If you would like to volunteer your muse for one of these please get in touch!)

Kindle Tuesdays – e-books and my first ever Kindle publishing project.

Writing Wednesdays – ideas and fun challenges from the Muse to get the creative juices flowing.

Thursday Truths – I will post an honest truth about books and publishing and life as an author, along the lines of my earnings post. (Probably a lot of these will have something to do with money, because that’s what authors have the most nightmares about!)

Friday Favourites – reviews of books, films, blogs, etc. I’ve particularly enjoyed. These will be a mixture of old and new.

Story Weekends – stories and poems by young writers who would like to share their creativity on this blog, perhaps in response to the Writing Wednesday challenges. Sometimes I might post a poem or short story here, if I'm feeling inspired.

Obviously, there will not be a post every day of every week, or no new books will get written! But if you see one on Monday it’ll be a guest post, if you see one on Tuesday it’ll be about e-books and Kindle publishing, Wednesday will be a creative post, etc. I’m aiming to post 2-3 times per week, depending on other commitments. If I begin a series, I'll obviously post every week on that day.

And since it is Tuesday, to kick things off I can tell you I am now the proud owner of a brand new Kindle e-reader! Santa brought it me for Christmas, which was very nice of him. And what on earth, I hear you say, is a Muse doing with a Kindle? Well, if you're interested in e-books (either as a reader or an author) then you won't want to miss my first blog series of 2011 - return here next Tuesday and I shall tell you more…


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