Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Writing Wednesday challenge - Horse Histories.

This challenge was suggested by Hannah Atman of the Conchita Espinosa Academy in Miami, after she read my book I am the Great Horse and was inspired to do her own project about Alexander the Great – thank you, Hannah!

In my book Bucephalas tells the story of Alexander the Great's conquests with many squeals and “flat ears” and whinnies to his favourite mare. He’s a big horse with a big head and so he wrote a big story of 500 pages! But what if other famous horses from history were to tell their stories, too?

The Muse has come up with a list for you. Your challenge is to choose one of these historical characters, find out what you can about him or her (Muse tip: try a search on the internet), then write a short story or poem from the point of view of their horse. History doesn’t tell us the names of all the horses, so you might need to invent these. Others are more myth or legend than history, which might appeal if you have a unicorn for a muse like Katherine.


Black Bess – Dick Turpin
Incitatus – Emperor Caligula
chariot horses – Queen Boudicca
Comanche – General Custer
Brown Beauty – Paul Revere
Arabian mare – Ishmael
Xanthus and Balius – Achilles

Have fun! If you like the result, you can share your work on this blog by emailing it to the Muse.


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