Sunday, 6 March 2011

Story Weekend – Zhuangzi and the Butterfly

Since my author has been too busy to write a poem this week (excuses, excuses!) and nobody else has sent one in, the Muse would like to share this famous Chinese story with you, which comes from a book of ancient wisdom written by the sage Zhuangzi:

Zhuangzi fell asleep and dreamt he was a butterfly.
He fluttered from flower to flower, not knowing he was Zhuangzi.
When Zhuangzi woke up, he did not know if he was a man who had dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly now dreaming he was a man.

What do YOU think?

Young writers are always welcome to share their creativity on this blog – simply email your stories or poems to or see the “share your creativity” link for more details.


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