You can’t tie an author down these days…

You might be wondering why I have not written many posts on this blog lately. Well, that’s because I’ve had my horn – or Horn, since it’s magical? – dug into Katherine’s new series, while she’s been off writing posts for other people’s blogs! And meanwhile, other authors have been over here writing about their muses on THIS blog… just can’t tie an author down these days, can you?

Since I’m a unicorn, I prefer to navigate the enchanted mists with my four golden hooves and my sparkling horn. But my author says the great thing about these blog tours is that she can now travel the world without leaving the comfort of her own home. No delayed flights, no carbon footprint (carbon hoof print?) and no travel sickness.

You’ll probably see quite a bit of Katherine around the blogs next year, when her Pendragon books hit the shelves. So she thought she’d get in a bit of practice this year for her existing books, which she is determined people will still be able to read in e-format, even if her publishers sell out of their printed copies.

Yesterday she was interviewed about the e-book of “Spellfall” HERE

And lovers of more traditional fantasy can still read her fairytale reflection about The Snow Queen over at Seven Miles of Steel Thistles, where you'll find a brand new series of fairytale reflections starting this week with a post by Terri Windling.

Blog tours can be fun! If you would like to do a Muse Monday post on this blog, then get in touch with the unicorn:
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catdownunder said…
Oh right, as long as she is not neglecting you my dear Unicorn! Someone needs to keep your Horn glittering and your hooves polished - and each unicorn hair brushed to perfection.
(Yes, I noticed your Author has been busy elsewhere!)
madwippitt said…
So it is a Horn then, and not a horn? Does this mean that it's been Hjorn Again?
Sorry, it's spending too much time alone on the allotment ...
I was interested to read that you rewrote Lord of the Rings with a female ring-bearer. I always thought it was Sam Gamgee that was the real hero of the piece (after Bill the pony of course) And of course much easier to rewrite as Samantha Gamgee.
Alzrith said…
That's very understandable Unicorn ! Like Miss Roberts, I am also busy, causing me to miss pretty many blogposts here... ^^; I hope I'm not offending anyone... Haha, anyway, I'll look forward to the works of Miss Roberts. I never had the chance of reading them... and yet I already feel their presence tingling me. SOMEDAY, I'm gonna have all of Miss Roberts' books ! *la*

Have a nice day Unicorn !