Summer Glitter Madness – 7 books for the price of 1!

Yes, I thought the sun had gone to my author’s head, too… but it seems she’s just being nice for the summer holidays. She’s making her Seven Fabulous Wonders series re-available as e-books and would like you, loyal unicorn fans and friends, to have the chance to buy them at summer glitter prices.

So here’s how it works.

On the 1st of each month, from now until January 2012, one of these titles will be published as an e-book for Kindle at the very special price of 86p in the UK (99 cents in the US). And as a special Xmas gift you'll get the final two books together at the offer price until the end of January. That’s quite a bit less than you’d pay for a birthday card, and you’ll be getting your hands on a professionally edited book that took several years to research and write.

Of course my author will be on starvation rations while her books are selling at this price. So for each title this special offer will run for one month only, after which the price of that title will increase as the next one in the series is published at the low friendship price. This should give you plenty of time to download the sample chapters, decide if you like it, and buy the book before the price increase. And if you have any friends who enjoy stories of adventure and magic with historical settings, be sure to let them know too... the unicorn doesn’t want the whole world to know, but friends are special.

Here’s the schedule:
The Cleopatra Curse – published 1st August (now £1-99)
The Colossus Crisis – published 1st Sept (86p until Sept 30th)
The Olympic Conspiracy – publishes 1st Oct (86p until Oct 31st)
The Mausoleum Murder – publishes 1st Nov (86p until Nov 30th)
The Amazon Temple Quest – publishes 1st Dec (86p until Dec 31st)
The Babylon Game – publishes mid-Dec (86p until Jan 31st)
The Great Pyramid Robbery – publishes 1st Jan (86p until Jan 31st)

The Muse is aware not many of you have Kindles yet, but don’t let that stop you! There is a way you can still get your hands on these books at the low offer price and keep them for reading later. Here’s how to do it:

1. Download amazon’s free “Kindle for PC” software HERE (If you have an i-phone or i-pad, you might like to get the free Kindle app for that instead, but it’s a bit harder to buy books from amazon on an Apple device now they have changed the apps.)
2. Go to the Kindle store and click on the free sample – e.g. you can get The Cleopatra Curse HERE.
3. Choose “deliver to my computer”.
4. Open your Kindle for PC program and read the sample on that.
5. If you like what you read, click the link at the end of the sample to return to amazon’s Kindle Store and  download the whole book. (You'll need an amazon account for this bit... or someone else's amazon account, if you don't have your own.)
6. Put a Kindle on your Christmas/birthday/wedding/other-excuse-for-expensive-gifts list.
7. Meanwhile, you can start reading the Seven Fabulous Wonders series using the Kindle software on your computer, or save them for later…
8. When you get your Kindle, go to the“Manage my Kindle” page on amazon and transfer your books from your computer so you can read them at your leisure. You will not have to buy them again.

The unicorn hopes you (and your friends) will take advantage of this special one-time only “7 books for the price of 1” offer, because the first book in Katherine's new Pendragon Legacy series Sword of Light  publishes in February, and it is going to be a beautiful hardcover book, which means it will cost considerably more than 86p. So depending on what my publisher says, the prices of my e-books may have to rise again in February 2012 more in line with the price of my new series. But don’t worry – the Muse will always keep you, the unicorn's friends, informed of any price increases so you’ll have a chance to grab them at the lower rate if you are quick.

If you are one of the many people who prefer paper books, there is also a fabulous review contest to win signed copies of the original paperbacks - more details on Katherine's website.

So is my author suffering from too much sun? Tell the muse what you think.

Summer Glitter to all from the unicorn!


Unknown said…
It sounds like a brilliant idea to me. Sorry I haven't been in touch. I've been in shockingly hot Boston but I'm back now so expect an email in the next few days :-)
madwippitt said…
Sounds wonderful ... but please, stop calling me a low fan!
Welcome back to drizzly England, Becky!

Madwippitt, the PRICE is low, not the unicorn's fans, who are highest of the high in his eyes! (And wippitts count as unicorn friends, anyway.)