Friday, 23 September 2011

Song Quest cover winner!

One for Shi
Two for Kashe
Three for Rialle
Four for Kherron
Five for the Silver Shore
Six for a golden cover…

...and seven for a secret now revealed!

Here is the winning Song Quest cover as chosen by YOU (with 54% of the vote, so it was very close).

It was designed by Mandy Norman  and drawn by Johanna Basford, and will be published by Catnip in February 2012, when you’ll be able to read the book and decode the unicorn's changes to the magpie rhyme above (if you haven't already guessed them).

And why did a magpie rhyme pop into the unicorn's head today? Well, as every muse knows, magpies like to collect shiny things that take their eye. This might be just a bit of silver foil, but they have been known to whisk away really valuable items to their nests. "Song Quest" caught Catnip’s eye as being the pick of Katherine's backlist titles (because it won an award), so it gets the golden treatment in paperback, while the rest of her backlist is coming out as cheaper but less pretty e-books in a moment of summer glitter madness.

The choice is yours. Would you prefer to read Katherine's back list (i.e. books that have gone out of print at their original publisher) as paper books or e-books? Let the unicorn know by voting on right of this blog!


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