If you live in the UK, you still have 15 chances to win a free hardback copy of "Sword of Light", which will be posted direct to you by my publisher Templar.

Here's how you can win:

TEN copies are going... going... almost gone at Feeling Fictional. You just need to enter your email to win, but the closing date is one minute past midnight on 3rd March so you'd better find your enchanted skates!

FIVE copies are on offer in the February competition over at The History Girls. You'll need to work a bit harder for these by naming a fairy horse, but that'll be good practice for the Name the Muse competition coming very soon to give me, the unicorn, a name!

While you're over at the History Girls, you can also win a copy of Marie-Louise Jensen's new book "The Girl in the Mask" by naming a highwayman. The closing date for this competition is 7th March.

So what are you waiting for? We won't be giving away free books for ever. Sooner or later some of you will actually have to buy one, or my author's publisher will go out of business and my author will starve and not be able to finish writing the Pendragon Legacy series. Which would be a very sad thing for me, her muse, who still hasn't got a name...


madwippitt said…
Name the unicorn ... much safer than pin the tail on him!
Alzrith said…
I wish I could join, but it says that UK entrants only. And I'm not even anywhere near UK. *grump*

Well, anyway, I'm giving my advanced congratulations to anyone who might win . *applaud*
Alzrith, the unicorn says very sorry, my publisher makes the rules for this book. But keep an eye out for other competitions on my website... sometimes they are open worldwide!