Thursday, 5 April 2012

Free book for Kindle! The Great Pyramid Robbery

One of the best things about being in control of my backlist is that I can give you an ebook treat for the holidays. So for five days over Easter, my first Seven Fabulous Wonders title The Great Pyramid Robbery will be free to download for your Kindle from amazon uk and amazon us. (Offer ends midnight 9th April 2012)

Originally published in 2001 by HarperCollins Children’s Books, The Great Pyramid Robbery is my best selling UK title so far and my most loaned title in UK libraries. The Seven Fabulous Wonders series was never published in the US, which means US readers can now get hold of these books easily for the first time in this digital format.

Never mind all that... what's the story?
Senu and his mischievous “ka” (otherworldly double) Red are sucked into a plot to rob the Great Pyramid at Giza while the workers are busy building the second pyramid nearby. It is meant to be the perfect crime, but the robbers have seriously misjudged the curse on the dead pharaoh’s tomb…

"I, Khufu, Lord of the Two Lands, made this tomb in a pure place where no one had a tomb, in order to protect the belongings of one who has gone to his ka. As for anyone who might enter the tomb unclean and intending to do evil, the Great One will judge against him."

With accurate historical background and a dose of ancient Egyptian magic, Senu and Red must battle bullies on the labourers' gang and the dead pharaoh’s angry ka to save their family and friends.

You can find out more about the Seven Fabulous Wonders series on my website


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