Monday, 16 April 2012

Muse Monday - the frogs and spells of C J Busby

My guest today is Templar author C J Busby who, apparently, likes frogs...

The frogs appear in Frogspell, the first book in a fun new series about boy wizard Max Pendragon and his brave sister Olivia. Yes, Max and Olivia Pendragon... you heard right, which makes me doubly excited to have C J Busby on this blog, since her books are set at King Arthur's Camelot, which means her young hero and heroine are distantly related to Rhianna Pendragon, the heroine of Sword of Light! (The unicorn reckons distant cousins twice removed, but you'll have to make up your own mind about that...)

Frogspell tells of Max's (mis)adventures as he tries to prove to his father Sir Bertram that he has enough talent to become a great wizard like Merlin. His father wants Max to become a knight, so the only way Max can avoid getting beaten up by the other squires in training is by winning the Novices' Spell Contest at Camelot, for which he needs a really good spell. Unfortunately, though, Max is not that good at spells yet, either... and the frogspell he accidentally mixes gets him and his friends into a lot of trouble.

His sister Olivia, meanwhile, would really like to train as a knight, and in the sequel Cauldron Spells she persuades her father to let her train as a squire in Max's place. These books are geat fun with a lot of humour - think Harry Potter at Camelot for younger readers! One of the lovely magical inventions is the "swift", which (unlike the owls at Hogwarts) transforms back into a message when it arrives, and then can be tucked safely into your belt until it's time to send it back again.

The good news is Olivia has got hold of Max's swift and sent it to Rhianna for this Muse Monday. Over to you, C J Busby...

Greetings my Lady Rhianna! It’s Olivia Pendragon here – your distant cousin. I have heard of your exploits against Mordred, and am sending you this swift (enchanted by my brother Max) to say well done! I am glad to hear you are carrying on the family tradition and proving that girls can make very good knights!

Mordred always was a poisonous toadwart, and I wish I could come and help you with him, but I am a bit tied up with a quest to the land of eternal day, to seek a fabled ice dragon’s egg. Adolphus (my dragon) waves his tail in greeting to you, too – unfortunately he crash-landed in a snowdrift yesterday and it’s taking us a while to dig him out. I know your father would be proud of you, Rhianna – he was always very encouraging when I wanted to be a knight. Good luck with the rest of your quest, I know you’ll do it!

Olivia Pendragon, Somewhere in the Very Far North.

A fabled ice dragon's egg... oooh! That will be Icespell, coming soon. In the meantime, you can find out more about these books and all the great characters at where I've been told you can win a magical prize if you manage to turn yourself into a frog... though I think you have to be human to enter... honestly, can you imagine a unicorn as a frog?

Please leave a comment for C J Busby below, and she might send you a swift back.


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