Summer Reading Challenge!

Have you heard of the Summer Reading Challenge? It takes place in libraries over the summer holidays, and the challenge is to read six or more books before you go back to school... or, if you're really keen, ALL the books! But the whole point is that this challenge is meant to be fun. So you don't have to read any book you don't want to read, and if you borrow a book but don't finish it, then that's ok too - just bring it back to the library and try another one.

The great thing about books is that they are all different, so there's bound to be something on the list you'll enjoy. And if you happen to enjoy sword fights and magic set in the world of King Arthur, I'm delighted to tell you that one of the titles on the "older" list is the first book of my new Pendragon Legacy series Sword of Light. Here's a short video clip of me talking about it. (Muse: I used Katherine's little digital camera to make this, so it's probably my fault it's so quiet... I'm a unicorn and I've only got four hooves and a horn and no idea what I'm doing with technology, so that's my excuse! Just turn up your volume if you want to hear what she's saying.)

This year's challenge is called the "Story Lab", and there's a singing dancing video (much better than mine!) on the website explaining what it's all about, with embedded clips from some of the authors featured talking about their books.

Sounds fun? Then head on down to your local library this summer, sign up for the Story Lab... and enjoy your reading!

PS. If you haven't got a local library any more because the government closed it, or yours is under threat of closure, then your parents might like to support the campaign to save libraries(Muse: Closing public libraries, where Katherine spent most of her weekends and read hundreds of books when she was at Reading Challenge age... whatever next?!)